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Climax 756 Half Mask Respirator (Body Only)


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Climax 756 Half Mask Respirator


The Climax 756 Half Mask Respirator has been designed to provide maximum protection against gases, vapours, and particles such as dust,
mist and smoke. The half mask is compatible with filters Climax model. 755 and 756.

Full face mask for general use. CLASS 2.
Full face made of soft natural rubber. Anti scratch coated polycarbonate visor. Wide field of view. Gas, combined and particle filters. Harness with five anchor points for better handling. The filter is supplied separately according to the protection required by the user.

  • Class: 2
  • Anchor points: 5
  • Filter threaded connection: Standard EN 148-1
  • Filters: 725
  • Material: Rubber
  • Nominal protection factor (NPF): 1000
  • Weight: 580 gr
  • Norm: EN 136:1998, EN 148-1


The body of the mask is made of injected soft natural rubber. The mask adapts to the user’s face through a membrane made of the same material. There are five anchorage points to attach the clamp.

Inner Mask

This is in the interior of the mask’s body. It is made of thermoplastic rubber and fitted with two inhalation valves. The inner mask is attached to the part that supports the exhalation valve, forming a solid whole with the rest of the mask.


The mask has a filter connector with a thread that complies with the UN EN 148/1:1999 regulation. The connector includes an inhalation valve, an airtight gasket and an exhalation valve, which is protected by a coloured cap with five triangular vents.

Visor Transparent panoramic visor made of polycarbonate with an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. It is surrounded by a secure rim that ensures a completely airtight join between the mask’s visor and body.

Clamp Made of natural rubber with five anchorage points.

Carry strap Neck band made of fire resistant PVC to hold the mask when it is not in use. Packaging  bag with information leaflet.

EC Certification Regulations: UNE-EN 136: 1998

Health and safety requirements of Royal Decree 1407/1992

Control body number 0159

Certificate number            21400101

Applications Ideal for working in polluted environments with an oxygen content in the air of more than 19,5%.

The mask is compatible with gas, dust and combined filters with a standard connection thread that complies with regulation EN 148/1.

Results of the tests • Heat resistance Satisfactory •


When delivered Satisfactory

After thermal conditioning Satisfactory

After traction resistance Satisfactory

After mechanic resistance of the visor  Satisfactory

After flammability Satisfactory •

CO2  content (%) 0.57 •

Respiration resistance Continuous inhalation flow 30 l/min          Satisfactory

Continuous inhalation flow 95 l/min          Satisfactory

Continuous inhalation flow 160 l/min        Satisfactory

Continuous inhalation flow 160 l/min        Satisfactory •

Continuous flow through exhalation valves Satisfactory •

Exhalation valve vacuum Satisfactory Flammability Satisfactory

Visor’s impact resistance Satisfactory Visor’s mechanical resistance Satisfactory •

Visual field (%) Binocular effectiveness 94.4 Total effectiveness 72

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